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Resource I2I Exports Limited is an export organization based out of India and currently services many MSMES, large, mid-sized, and small Enterpreneurs to help them export their products to various countries across the globe. With extensive expert experience in exporting business for over 14 years, we have been able to develop a strong and direct relationship with numerous buyers in various countries in the world. These relationships allow us to provide efficient services and meet our customer demands with the highest quality possible. As each country throughout the world has its unique laws that regulate the export and import services, the legal aspects surrounding the export operations can be overwhelming. Our experience, result-oriented-strategies, and familiarity with the process will help you make your export operations smooth and hassle-free while we handle these challenging aspects of your business.

Amongst the numerous products that we deal with exporting, agricultural, pharmaceutical, leather, iron & steel, textiles, electronics, chemicals, lubricants, and automotive products are a few. We at Resource I2I Exports strongly believe in providing exceptional customer service with our goal-oriented and customer-driven focus. Our core values include ensuring the fastest possible services by shipping all the orders promptly and accurately, leverage our years of experience to add value to our clients and foster a strong and long-lasting relationship.

Highly experienced professionals

We have a highly experienced team to help companies to export their products internationally.

Result Oriented Service

We want to see all the Manufacturing Industries to Flourish and Perform 100% Productivity with 100% Employees.

Trusted services

We aim to provide a trustworthy & faithful relationship with all our customers, buyers, channel partners, etc.

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We Market and Export your Products

Resource I2I Exports Limited is a B2B marketplace developed to enable international & domestic bulk trade of commodities & products and act as a direct interface between the actual Buyers and Sellers to reduce the Influence and cost of the traditional distribution channels.

We aim to provide the Exporters, a platform, which replicates end -to -end solution in growing there business globally in a transparent and cost-efficient manner.

Our result-oriented strategies take your products to almost all desired buyers in the world.

With our 14+ years of experience in the Industry and qualified expert team, we take a deep drive for every customer to place their products in the best position successfully in the market.

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Come join the bandwagon of the best exporters, with us. Make Resource I2I Exports , your best export Manager.

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